Sunday Roast

    (Bookings Only)
    Choice of 2 different roast
    meats or veg nut roasts.
    Choice of 7 different vegetables.

    2 courses

    Child’s Roast up to age 12 £10.50


    Thick Ham SandwichThickly cut ham cooked slowly in Somerset cider and sandwiched between thickly cut seeded or white bread with a side salad and hand cooked multigrain crisps and a homemade dip. £8.49
    Mature Cheddar cheese with caramelised onion chutney sandwiched between the bread of your choice with a side salad, hand baked multigrain crisps and a homemade dip.£7.95
    Tasty tuna, with sweetcorn and mayo sandwiched between the bread of your choice, a side salad, multigrain crisps and homemade dip.£8.25
    Coronation chicken sandwiched between thickly cut seeded or white bread with a side salad and hand cooked kettle crisps and a homemade dip.£8.49
    Toasted cheddar cheese, home cooked ham and pineapple sandwiched between white bread, served with side salad, multigrain crisps and a homemade dip.£8.49
    Toasted cheddar cheese with red onion sandwiched between white bread, served with a side salad, kettle crisps and a homemade dip.£8.25
    Toasted cheddar cheese with vine tomatoes and peppers, served with a side salad, kettle crisps and homemade dip. £8.35
    Egg Mayo sandwich with cress. £7.95
    Ham Salad – Home cooked ham, large salad, multigrain crisps, chutney and dip.£8.50
    Tuna Salad, Tuna, sweetcorn with mayo, large salad, multigrain crisps and dip. £7.95
    Coronation salad, home made coronation chicken, large salad, multigrain crisps and dip. £8.95
    B.L.T. freshly cooked bacon with multigrain crisps, dip and salad. £8.95

    Selection of Homemade Cream Teas

    Scrumptious cream tea, consisting of one generous plain or sultana homemade scone, thick clotted cream, strawberry preserve served with a pot of tea for one.£5.95
    Fruity homemade apple scone, with thick clotted cream and an apple compote served with a pot of tea for one. £6.25
    Luscious homemade lemon scone, with thick clotted cream and lemon curd served with a pot of tea for one. £6.25
    Chocoholic’s dream scone! Melt in your mouth chocolate scone with chunks of real Cadbury’s chocolate in the scone and served with thick clotted cream, Nutella and a pot of tea for one. £6.50
    Ginger and apricot scone with thick clotted cream, apricot jam and a pot of tea for one. £6.50
    Savoury homemade cheese and bacon scone served with creamy Philadelphia cream cheese and caramelised onion chutney and a pot of tea for one. £6.50
    Cheddar cheese and sun dried tomato scone with, Philadelphia and a tomato chutney and a pot of tea for one. £6.50
    Almond flavour scone with dairy milk chunks served with thick clotted cream and Nutella and a pot of tea for one. £6.50
    Mini meringues filled with thick clotted cream with strawberries and blueberries. £5.50
    Please choose from our selection of homemade bakes on the counter.
    All sponges are served with a generous portion of clotted cream!

    Exmoor Tea

    The Exmoor tea consists of half a round of your chosen thickly cut sandwich, side salad, hand baked multigrain crisps, homemade dip, one scrumptious homemade traditional scone with thick clotted cream and strawberry preserve and a pot of tea for one.£12.49

    Hinam Tea

    The Hinam tea consists of half a round of your chosen thickly cut sandwich, side salad, hand baked multigrain crisps, home made dip, a piece of cake and a pot of tea for one.£12.49

    Jacket Potatoes

    Slowly cooked in farmhouse Rayburn, comes with a large salad and homemade dip. 

    Plain. £6.00
    With cheese and homemade coleslaw. £7.95
    Tuna and sweetcorn. £7.95
    Ham and cheese. £8.95
    Coronation chicken. £8.95

    Children’s Light Bites

    Half a round of chosen sandwich, please choose from:
    Ham, cheese, peanut butter, jam or chocolate spread.
    Comes with crisps, a glass of squash and an
    ice lolly.

    Ice Cream

    We have a selection of home-made ice cream. Please ask the waitress which flavours we have this week.


    Pot of tea for one. £1.95
    Pot of Earl Grey tea. £2.25
    Pot of speciality teas, including peppermint and green tea. £2.25
    A large cup of filtered coffee. £2.45
    Cadbury’s hot chocolate swirled into hot milk. £2.45
    ….. with whippy cream and marshmallows. £2.75
    Large glass of milkshake [strawberry, chocolate or banana] served with whippy cream and sprinkles. £2.49
    Glass of ice cold milk. £0.95
    Coca-cola with lemon slice and ice. £2.35
    Elderflower press with lemon slice and ice. £2.35
    Elderflower and pomegranate press with lemon slice and ice.£2.35
    Fentimans victorian lemonade with lemon slice and ice. £2.35
    Fentimens rose lemonade.£2.35
    Apple and watermelon J20 spritz. £2.35
    Apple and raspberry J20 with ice. £2.35
    Orange and passion fruit J20 with ice. £2.35
    Apple and mango J20 with ice. £2.35
    Small bottle of pure orange juice. £1.65
    Small bottle of pure apple juice.£1.65
    Ginger beer with lemon slice and ice.£2.35
    Glass of blackcurrant squash with ice.£0.95
    Glass of orange squash with ice.£0.95
    Orange Juice and lemonade.£1.95